SVT @ rampljuset

For a while ago I was ask to be a part of a child’s program; Rampljuset at SVT Play (Sveriges Television)svt 13

A Swedish channel; this is the result of having such an experience.  Believe it or not I was so nervous as hell but I manage to continue the show “at least until I was allow”.svt 2


Even though I didn’t win and go to the next level I consider myself very lucky just to have the change to try. I managed to plat on live one of my re mixes and that´s what I feel more proud of it.svt 11

I didn´t really like to watch myself on the T.V because it felt very strange but it was very funny moment.

I was struggling about whether or not to post this but… I guess that after listening to some of my friends I should share it with the World of internet as well.

svt 5At first I didn’t wanted to be part of a Swedish child´s program but later on my friends made me change my mind. 

 Children are the future and therefore if I could managed to influence someone on the program in a positive way then I guess I will feel more than happy, and this is the strongest reason for why I changed my mind.

svt 6


Enjoy it…

Click here to watch program 8.