The Difference Between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding

 Simple pictures to explain to you the difference between marketing, pr, advertising, and branding.



mac-vs-pcLook at this great marketing campaign from Mac. It´s just hilarious!

I have a Pc and to be honest I wouldn´t mind to switch into a Mac. All of my friends keep on telling me that…

Anyway what I love the most from these ads is that Mac is so right when it comes to the fact that Pc has invest most of their budget in advertising themselves instead of investing their money in their product development.  

The funny thing is that nowadays most of the companies do that sorts of mistakes, instead of realizing that marketing is just a small part of the whole project.

TBWA produces a very creative and simple advertisements; the point is very clear and well as a result the World famous Mac vs PC commercials are very effective.

To be honest I am quite surprised that there is not many people that haven´t seen to these commercials.

Even if they were released last year believe me they are worth having a look.

It will be such a pleasure working  someday in the future for TBWA/Media Arts. They are just great!

Enjoy them!

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