The Bitter Sweet Taste

2009 is nearly finish…  22 days left, and I remember that a while ago I realized that this was going to be one of my YEARS (1 More Time). was the sign that I needed to reinforce that feeling on my bone. I was revealing the password of my site and all of a sudden it all makes sense.  I had the opportunity to help in the produccion of a few music videos at Ducimus Films and also I got to know a couple of interesting artist at Illustrate studios.  I helped in the productin of a short film for the very first time at Good World AB, and I just LOVE IT.

4 letters symbolize the answer of such an achievement; TBWA

3 persons waiting for an answer

2 days ago I had the greatest opportunity to prove the conclusion of such a theory

2 alternatives; Yes or No

But only 1 person has the supremacy to conclude this history… my 2009 history; and that person is ME.

I have never ever felt so proud of myself; crossed a bridge on able  to pitch an idea, went to another country to search for opportunities but overall  risked to show the real me even that imply to be vulnerable towards others…

And what I have learned from this amazing opportunity is that nothing is impossible.

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