The Glamorous Undergound Ignites

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Let me take for a little trip, where everything is possible…

Are you ready? I said are you ready, are you ready, R U READY?

If you … are so then continue to listen and read herstory of the Glamorous Underground Ignites

She takes us to Camden and introduce to you a real artist; Bansky.

Even the most invaluable things can surprise us, the tone of his speech, two distinguishes rats introduces us to his work. Red carpet amazing touch!

 ´coz certain things don´t mean a thing, who do you believe?

A dodgy area but what to expect after all it’s a rat word; tourist information and obscure path. Not to say that you are recommend to read the above sign.

London phone box or just art?


You can´t depend on the man who made the mess to clear it up.

Who did the crime?

 Excuse me but I need a bit of privacy over here after all even royalty needs to pee

Suddenly gay cops loosing it up too, a rat neighbor with a romantic touch.

Melody displaying on the hood, finally someone is doing some good

What’s wrong says the little girl? Not to worry simple routine

We heard someone trying to blow the speakers up…

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