The music starts to set up the scenario of my speech; deep dark house will be my identity for the beginning, at least.

Life’s not always perfect…  I realized this at a young age.

I was forced to grow up fast, or in other words to realize what was it like to be a spy.

A peek to the future, see details around.

I’m a very realistic person and my curiosity has enabled me to achieve incredible and unrealistic goals.

I have learnt that I am not perfect and far away from becoming so.  I don’t struggle to become a perfectionist, because that’s not my main goal, I am a dreamer and as a dreamer I live to amuse, to grow, to fall and stand up even stronger, enhance myself into unpredictable adventures.

Absolut Swemex has become the label of a product or shall I call it brand in which I reinvented the emotions that you require; a mixture of feelings and ideas… creativity.

It’s not for sale; it’s priceless, ´coz it’s not yet the right time….

Why absolut  swemex?

These are just a few of my favorite tracks, it’s far from the  masterpiece that  I wish it to be, anyway I want to  share the accomplishments of my struggles, my work in progress, the simplest reflection of my everyday life.

My pc is not the perfect tool and still without advanced equipment  I’ve  manage to create… no…sorry… to portray 2  many emotions, 2  many feelings, 2 many thoughts.

123456 the countdown.

Not a perfect start, but at least it’s a start. 

!%:== still on the same track, and still continuing to analyze the progress of this re-mix

Wooo, ooo !&:””

I sit back, open up my favorite can, red label  by my side, the refreshing sound introduces me to the next track; CHICAGO.

Finally I am starting to appreciate the skills that I didn’t have.

And you know what? It scares me.

A reflection or excuse to take a pause and rethink, first time ever that I try an experiment such as this.

The peek of the track goes down, and soon my focus starts to disappear, I don’t know about you but I need a new track.

The sound of a WILD CAT. ……..

A strange peek but as I stated at the beginning of this speech; Lifes not always perfect…

Finally the harmony surrounds me because instead of struggling with something unrealistic I finally understood the meaning of my journey. Do you?

Nevertheless yesterday for the first time ever I could ask the most difficult question of my life.

Absolut swemex is a taste of my curiosity, and to award such inspiration I introduce to you the Absolut Swedish sprit brand.

#!:%¤ RULES

Does that make any sense?

Trust me it does!!! Are you on the same frequency?

Just so you know, now is when the real deal starts and after rethinking isn’t it what is life for?

Grow, observe, analyze, recognize, believe, breath and overall LIVE.

P.S. To be able to succeed you need to learn the skill of experiment and if it doesn´t work, don’t worry, you will learn lots from these experiences… Absolut SWEMEX


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