The TRUTH about the WAR on DRUGS


Drug Policies must reduce harm not CAUSE IT.

Did you know that the United States of America has HIGHER levels of MARIJUANA use than the NETHERLANDS… where the drug is DE FACTO LEGALIZED!

Science show that the WAR on DRUGS DOES NOT WORK!

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES: International Centre for Science in Drug Policy


This is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It opened the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won a 2010 academy award under the category of animated short.

In this film there are two pieces of licensed music, in the beginning and in the end. All the other music and sound design are original. The opening track (Dean Martin “Good Morning Life”) and closing track (The Ink Spots “I don’t want to send the world on fire”) songs are licensed pre-existing tracks. All original music and sound design is by, human (

Traditional Marketing – Business Cards

Traditional Marketing has been stamped as the old type of marketing, with the invention of the Internet; Social Media has established a new era of Marketing strategies. However I believe we should not forget that traditional marketing still can have an amazing response, especially with a simple business card.

Below you can see the power of face to face marketing but also the spontinaity and the energy of the guy in the clip below it reminds me that having a positive first contact with a customer is a key factor into reaching them and making them curious enough to visit your site.

It took me less than 5 minutes to realize the potential of this guy, because as soon as I gave him some of my businesses cards he launched himself  imidiately towards a potential custumer and I sat back and just observed him while he was doing his thing.

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Nöjesguiden Malmö/ lund PRIZE

Nöjsguiden Malmo / Lund prize takes place today at the Malmö City Theater Hipp. Nöjesguiden will be honouring the nominees and their exceptional contribution to cultural life in Malmo and Lund. The after-party will be held at Babel.

Malmö / Lund Prize has nominated persons and phenomena that have contributed to giving malmö/lund ‘something more’ by inspiring & encouraging others to surpass themselves in 2009. In other words: Urban locomotives.

Ducimus Films will be there documenting and filming this exciting annual event….Glamour, Surprises and a wonderful atmosphere….


Malmö/ Lundapriset 2009 – och de nominerade är…

SVT @ rampljuset

For a while ago I was ask to be a part of a child’s program; Rampljuset at SVT Play (Sveriges Television)svt 13

A Swedish channel; this is the result of having such an experience.  Believe it or not I was so nervous as hell but I manage to continue the show “at least until I was allow”.svt 2


Even though I didn’t win and go to the next level I consider myself very lucky just to have the change to try. I managed to plat on live one of my re mixes and that´s what I feel more proud of it.svt 11

I didn´t really like to watch myself on the T.V because it felt very strange but it was very funny moment.

I was struggling about whether or not to post this but… I guess that after listening to some of my friends I should share it with the World of internet as well.

svt 5At first I didn’t wanted to be part of a Swedish child´s program but later on my friends made me change my mind. 

 Children are the future and therefore if I could managed to influence someone on the program in a positive way then I guess I will feel more than happy, and this is the strongest reason for why I changed my mind.

svt 6


Enjoy it…

Click here to watch program 8.

Ads campaigns & useful websites

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a few links to existing campaigns & websites that I like with a short description of why … Here are some of them;

ted1Ted. – This is one of my favorite link/website as ‘Ted’ brings together three of the main topic’s that I find interesting “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. I’m inspired by their main goal which is spreading their ideas thru the world. I visit this site regularly to watch new discussions & talks.

imagesThe Great Wall; Corona commercial;

“The Mexican spirit doesn’t know frontiers, corona the Mexican beer most sold in the World.” “Everything in moderation.”

That’s the translation from Spanish, I like it a lot because their targeting campaign and message is not to be the best but to be the beer most sell in the world in contrast to the Heineken campaign, “probably the best beer in the World”. Both companies have managed to compete, using campaign slogans that make equally impressive & global/international claims. A great ad campaign.

elekto avdelingenElektroavdelingen. I like the overall look of this site; its simplicity, style of the icons & the kitsch color scheme. I especially like the film, where its possible to view the whole process of ‘building’ the site and follow a group of people as they cooperate & bring together their various crafts & skills to actually build the site in reality with real materials rather than by computer animation. This also appeals to me as I’m very creative & hands on myself.

logopondLogopond. – I really enjoy this site as its only focus is logos. I’ve been designing my own logo & I came across this site whilst researching logo design. I’ve found it interesting to learn about the various ways to transcribe & portray the name of a product/business into a logotype. As they say Identity and Inspiration to each client.

TBWA 009TBWA. – The under-construction site for a couple of months ago in Denmark. To be honest at first I didn’t really get your message, it confused me and I didn’t have patience until now. I was staring at the window and suddenly it hit me. You take us to your World in a very creative and mysterious way. Ctrl – and everything becomes clear. I really like sites that are interactive and where you have to search to find their message or meaning.

Once upon a time TBWA had a site as the picture above. I was trying to explain their message / meaning as I explained above but I couldn´t find that website no more. Instead I found the real and new website.

TBWA 004Luckily I had recorded their site in my own creative way because I was aware that it will be there for a short period. I was right since they have change the link. So I started to play along and recording it, by using a re-mix that I made as a background; Destinación Desconocida (destination unknown). 

I created a total different environment more suitable for my thinking and  after 5 minutes it hit me. 

I just discovered how to get into their site and their message. They don’t give it to you straight away, you have to figure it out yourself and search for it.

Dynamite Surfing

quicksilverlogoWeather is real or not this ad has create a huge marketing impact among people, specially surfers, the main potential targeting group. A friend of mine who is a surfer showed it to me a couple of months ago.  Last month on a visit to TBWA  in Denmark, Mr. Paul showed us the same video, a clear example that messages on the net are passed across different countries.

Over a million have watched it and thousand have even comment on this viral campaign.  Original thinking is showed at the end of the video and is indeed a very original way of creating advertisement.

I’m glad that I was asked to do this task as I regularly post links & discuss campaigns that appeal to me on my blog; you can read more about what interests me & see some of my projects in progress on or my remixes at