Welcome to spring people of the north! As I usually say… It does not matter who you are but who you know. Thanks of my contacts i have manage to go back to what i love the most; making videos and promote/advertise people or businesses that i have a conection and confident with.

Nowadays co-operation between businesse and individuals is one of the main key to survive in these jungle of big brands.

Proud to be part of this beautiful and elegant video! In search of eloquence; SPRING

Clothing: Bindi Designs

Music: Cold Mailman, click here to Get their Music

Model: Frida Martinsson

Video: Janssen Herr

Special Thanks to; Yasmin M. Bindi & Anne-Lie Adielsson


Is there anythng wrong with this picture?

Hell YES!!! EVERYTHING. Imagine living in a Society that allows killers and rapists to stay in jail far less than a person that it is involved in internet sharing/downloading?

Imagine living in a World where EVERYONE accepts this kind of behaviour?

I wonder what has happend with this Society?

Am i going to allow this kind of behaviour from my goverment or my neighobouring country? HELL NO!

The bottom line is that The BIGGEST POISON OF THIS SOCIETY is MONEY!

There is something wrong about the U.S.A. goverment. They are no longer helping their own citizens…. they are slaving them and You are part of it… We are part of it… I believe in taking care of each other… but clearly goverments have their own agenda.

They do not care about you or me and it is clearly demonstrated by these two pictures.


Kim Schmitz “crime” bears no comparasson to rape and murder!

The TRUTH about the WAR on DRUGS


Drug Policies must reduce harm not CAUSE IT.

Did you know that the United States of America has HIGHER levels of MARIJUANA use than the NETHERLANDS… where the drug is DE FACTO LEGALIZED!

Science show that the WAR on DRUGS DOES NOT WORK!

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES: International Centre for Science in Drug Policy http://www.icsdp.org/

Bindi Designs New Online Shop

Dear Customers,

Bindi Designs have now changed platform for our online shop.

To celebrate this and that Christmas is just around the corner, Bindi Designs is now offering 20% off for a whole month on the following Christmas inspired cotton ball lights:

Red Cream Mix 20 Lights, white cord

Red and white Mix 20 Lights, white cord

White 20 Lights, white cord

Red 20 Lights, white cord

Purple Rainbow Mix 20 Lights, white cord

Offer expires on Saturday 31 December, 2011.

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