Bindidesigns Promo – How to wear Thai Fisherman pants

The new promo video for Bindi Designs is online!! How to wear Thai Fisherman Pants

Many thanks to our  friend Marty Miller of Pixels of Mass Construction for putting this together.

Models: Antonio Acevedo Garrido, Frida Martinsson and Johanna Rebecka Rognefjord

Visit; BindiDesigns webshop


This is the art work of one of my friends; Daniel Sjödin.  A while ago I was at my dear friends house; Jonas Hedman and he asked me to film and take some pictures of Daniel´s Graffiti Artwork. This is one of the pictures that I took. It is not complete yet but at least you can see the work in progress.

If you want to visit Daniel´s Website click here. You won´t regret. By the way for more information about this illustration visit Headphönes

New Sensation

So I can´t rest and I just feel like creating… As usually!!!

Now I introduce you to my first musical promo for the online shop; bindidesigns.  “New Sensation” is the name of this remix an it´s inspired by the freshness and appearance of their products, not to mention that Bindi Designs is run by a very interesting and creative team. A special  thanks to Marty from Pixels of Mass Construction for his redesign of the logo.

I strongly recomend you to check it out and if you “like” it, you will continue to receive updates from BindiDesigns fan page on Facebook.

The Beauty of the Internet: Second Album “No Logic” by SWEMEX

It´s such  beauty that with the right tools and with the use of your creativity you can  achieve AMAZING things. The real truth is that spreading music (not only others), creating and combining new styles of music, has become something of a fashion. To be honest I believe that users, us, have become more and more aware of the extreme power of the  internet.

No Logic is the name behind this release, as according to my point of view, there is no logic in the way that “we are doing things”. We have the tools but now it’s time to make sense of society, it’s about time for  logic and to be able to achieve that we need to rethink, reinvent ourselves and reconsider what have we created over the past 10 years of the new millennium. The World still has no logic to me, but  in my eyes things are starting to make sense. . . to be continue