A person born in one of the biggest cities of the World

     Nothing to loose everything to win, I left at the age 21

           Then started a journey and since then living abroad.

                          Otherwise I wouldn´t have ever discovered my passion.

              Not to mention as well as my dreams.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello Swemex, from Pitter Patter ie amiestreet. I received your email. Yes, I do like your remixes. they seem to have just the right amount of ‘bounce’. For all of you who don’t understand ‘bounce’. All I can say is watch a dance floor with lots of women moving to a tune. If the tune is kickin’ and your head is bobbin’, the dance floor will be bouncin’, ie ‘bounce’
    There is one song that reminds me of Felix da House Cat with Kitten. that I like to listen to when I’m working out and putting miles on the tread mill.
    Well Swemex, Have a great week and I hope to hear more music from you in the future.
    Al Sherbin aka Pitter Patter.

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