Bindi Designs End of Summer Sale has now gone Global!

From September 3 to September 10th, Swedish online clothing shop has been treating customers to the End of Summer Sale, featuring Summer Dresses and Hammocks at 30% off, and everything else on stock at 20% off.

Malmoe (I-Newswire) September 4, 2012 – All fashion pieces run a certain cycle. Trends in clothing die down at one period, only to be the hottest fashion finds in the next. All over the world, the re-emergence of harem or “drop-crotch” pants as well as Thai and Yoga fashion that exude a sense of individuality are all the rage – and Bindi Designs offers it all for every up-to-date fashion patron.

Bindi Designs is home to a unique – with a touch of the exotic – selections of clothing that include dresses, tops, skirts and pants, as well as functional items in style such as hammocks, bags and baby dresses – all showcased at

As a way of thanking loyal customers, the is set to delight fashionistas with product discounts from September 3 to September 10, 2012. The one-week End Of Summer Sale – will feature the full range of summer dresses and hammocks at 30% off. All other stocks – including Thai Fisherman pants, Harem pants, cotton sling bags, jewelry and cotton ball lighting – are each sold with a 20% price markdown.

The presents a discounted collection of distinctive Thai fisherman pants and extra-long fisherman pants. Unique Harem pants, Yoga pants, and light, everyday shoulder sling bags in various styles, patterns and colors are also sold on the website. Bracelets, anklets, leather gems, wood beads, earrings, toe rings and LUA Design Silver jewelry are also available. In addition, the online shop sells organic hemp and cotton baby wraps and multicolored Mexican hammocks made from 100% nylon. also presents the “Factory Seconds” section that houses items with minor manufacturing issues, such as nearly visible marks and inconsistencies in the fabric or stitching that are sold for at least 50% off their price tags.

To learn more about the weeklong Bindi Designs End of Summer Sale, please log on to  for details.

To know more about this particulary press release go to; I-Newswire

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