Is there anythng wrong with this picture?

Hell YES!!! EVERYTHING. Imagine living in a Society that allows killers and rapists to stay in jail far less than a person that it is involved in internet sharing/downloading?

Imagine living in a World where EVERYONE accepts this kind of behaviour?

I wonder what has happend with this Society?

Am i going to allow this kind of behaviour from my goverment or my neighobouring country? HELL NO!

The bottom line is that The BIGGEST POISON OF THIS SOCIETY is MONEY!

There is something wrong about the U.S.A. goverment. They are no longer helping their own citizens…. they are slaving them and You are part of it… We are part of it… I believe in taking care of each other… but clearly goverments have their own agenda.

They do not care about you or me and it is clearly demonstrated by these two pictures.


Kim Schmitz “crime” bears no comparasson to rape and murder!

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