Le Weekend

The past week has been a very busy and crazy weekend. It started on Saturday 10 of July. My first road trip in a car to Amsterdam.

The occasion: mainly because of the 11 of July a friend of mine turned 25  and he (Zei)  wanted to do something special; watch the Final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa between Spain & Holland.

We truly believed that Holland was going to be the champions of the World Cup 2010, and since Amsterdam is closer to us it became a clear destination choice to celebrate Zei’s birthday and for more new adventures. At the same time  it was the second trip with my girlfriend and although we hardly had time to spend together I believe that it was an extremely inspiring adventure for both of us.

I have to admit that Amsterdam impressed me a lot. I have been in many cities around the World but I have never been in such inspiring place with so much craziness at the same time. Wherever you go, you can find a coffee shop near by, at the same time you can wander endlessly  admiring the interiors and the alleys of the street.

To be honest I could have spent a lot of time by myself  just walking and taking pictures of every little detail of the city, although I deeply know that I will be back to Amsterdam again.  From a marketing perspective its a  perfect city to open a business selling clothing, art and crafts, paintingss, and much more. I believe that I could also develop my music there (re mixes) and at the same time  reach  a broader  audience for SweMex.

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