“Short Film # 21” on DVD today – only one month left to the principal photography

A while ago I posted an article about this project and since then it’s story has continued…. So it’s time for a little update on our talented Csaba Bene Perle’s latest short film project “Short Film # 21”, whose pre-production is now kicking off in earnest!

Csaba is using a variety of social media, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Indie GoGo to develop and produce the film. Now you can read & interact with the fourth draft of the manuscript and provide feedback and comments – read it on the Facebook page or download it directly here.

To support the production, you can also preorder a copy of the film on DVD in Indie GoGo, click here to order. The way it works is that you order the film on Indie GoGo, but send your name and address to shortfilm21@gmail.com. The price is around 115 SEK = 12 EUR / 15 USD and that includes shipping. You can expect to receive the movie delivered to your home during January 2011, this will include a DVD packed with extras such as commentary, stills gallery and secret bonuses …

We are also looking for Production extras! Simply send two pictures (close-up and full body) and your contact information to short film21@gmail.com. We will contact you at the time of the production.

“Short Film #21” has additional support from BoostHbg, and is supported by the City of Landskrona.




~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on July 8, 2010.

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