Short film#21

BoostHBG-talent Csaba Bene Perleberg, director and screenwriter,  opens up his next short film project for a phase of interactive development.

This project has the working title “Short Film # 21” (as it is Csaba 21st film) and makes use of Facebook and Scribd as the base.

Director: Csaba Bene Perleberg talks about his interactive project “Short Film # 21” and what YOU can do to participate, contribute and be part of making a movie!

The trend is that Csaba as the screenwriter made the first draft of the short film script available for download in Swedish and in English at scrib. You can comment on the script if you want, feedback is appreciated. So far there are 639 reads, Feedback on Short Film #21 by Tutti Johansson-Falk

The discussion conducted at the project site Facebook, is kept open so that everyone can see the discussions. This makes the script also available for anyone to use – Csaba has released the copyright on the script so that all the different manuscript versions, and the ideas implemented in the discussions surrounding them, are made available to whoever would like to use it for anything.

In theory, therefore it means that anyone is allowed to film Csaba’s latest script – or parts of it. The idea is also that the Facebook page will be used on the platform to mobilize the recording team and  for seeking sponsors and investors and other partners.

8 days ago I received an email via facebook from Csaba; “Antonio, I´d love it if you´d want to be Chief Marketing Strategist on my new project, “Short Film #21″. I want to get it out there as wide as possible that people should take part in the development of the project, and also, beyond.  I want to market this film as the first Facebook-developed short film! (If that´s true…) C.”

So of course one of my first strategies was to open a twitter account so we can get more exposure. The ambition is to open up the entire process and provide unique insights into the writing process, financing, rehearsals and recordings.

This is the start of a very interesting journey and experience, I am not quiet sure how it´s going to end up, but one thing I know, I will give 100% to it. This is new for me and I will appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can have to be able to contribute and improve this project.

If you wish to watch the video blog, click vs. Short Film # 21 from Csaba Bene Perlenberg on Vimeo.


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on April 14, 2010.

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