“Often on film sets  there are a few invaluable persons on your crew that fills a position that is not in the crew manifest. These persons inhabit character traits that are impossible to have as a basic requirement, because it´s a talent so personally unique to each of these persons, that it´s a true gift if you´re able to be in their presence. These persons has an energy and a calmness in their emotional output that works to harmonize the rest of the crew. they´re touched. they just have what I call “The It-Factor”.

They spread, for lack of a better word, LOVE, their presence is so important for the social and psychological structure on a set, that a film can make it or break it depending on whether or not you have the great fortune of having one or two persons on your crew roster. A funny comment just at the right place, a blink of the eye, a pad on the shoulder or just a single gaze, is sometimes all that is necessary to set the tone. these persons NEVER lose their cool or their positivity, and on a stressful film set, that is GOLD, because the rest of the crew will follow. as a director and a teamleader on set, more often than not, you tend to sink into yourself and get caught up by the process and the machinery of shooting a film. money can´t buy, what these kind of persons are able to give you in such moments: a kharma-reminder to step out of yourself, to take in the situation in full, and breath.

I´ve been extremely fortunate enough to work with several such persons, rare as they are. JARNO LEE VINSENCIUS, my Director of Photography on three of my films, is ALWAYS positive, no matter what, and has saved my ass on several occasions. ANTONIO ACEVEDO, a wonderful grip and gaff, has a smoothness and an unbelivably vibrant positive energy with that heavenly smile of his, and, also, the wonderful RUMI GEIGER, who with his zen-lik approach to life probably saved my soul in that very comforting, slow-pace walk we took one very late night after one of the first shooting days of “THE SUPERHERO” in Ystad last summer.

I bring this phenomenon up, because I just finished reading a memorative text on AIN`T IT COOL NEWS about on-set still photographer PIERRE VINET, who has created some of the most vivid still shots in recent times. he was director PETER JACKSON´s still photographer, and I´m willing to bet, after reading this text, that PETER JACKSON feels the same way about him as I do with the persons mentioned above. they are key, and he will be sorely missed. thank you, MY DEAR FRIENDS, for giving me energy on set, and off. LOVE.”


This post is taken from Csaba´s facebook notes.

I want to THANK  Csaba from the bottom of my heart because its´s not often that people take the time to truly show their appreciation to friends and collegues.




~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 7, 2010.

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