Earth’s best business idea

This is how they start on their web: “may we suggest a new way to put an end to poverty and hunger? What is new is that you stop donating money to charity. Instead, you invest in people’s thrift and ideas and gives them the chance to see their own potential. Then they can with their own forces transform their communities – once and for all.” A very splendid idea.

ugandaThey continue… “The results make the Economist any time SHAKY. Take some of the African countries as examples. In which we invest SEK 300¹ per person for five years. During the same period, we see an upward growth curve in terms of business, education, banking, health care, the huge increase in water resources, multi-annual food supply, improvement of living standards and genuine belief in the future. While raging curves for child mortality, poverty, disease and life-long hunger. And that’s just the beginning.

¹300.00 SEK = 42.6599 USD According to

Their model is simple: He who owns the problem also owns the best road to change. Therefore, we do not so much. Instead teeth we enthusiasts and allows them to become entrepreneurs. We inspire people to believe in themselves, believing in each other, to find good leadership and to use much common sense. The return does not long in coming. You might call the usual entrepreneurship.

They call it Earth’s best business idea.


Anyway… I was looking at my Facebook account and I have received this invitation:

Welcome to the Hunger Project after work tomorrow, at 17-20, where we launch jordensbästaaffärsidé.se
Stockholm: Brasserie Elverket, Linnégatan 69
Malmö: HIPP, Kalendergatan 2

Come and mingle with others involved, interested and curious. Bring everyone you know.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Well… this is how you do a perfect reserch. Looking forward!

For more informatin visit their website in Swedish



~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on September 29, 2009.

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