U.S. proposals to control network

A new U.S. bill proposes to give the president power over the Internet. The proposal shows that it is an illusion to believe that the Internet would be everyone’s property. On the contrary, the trend is toward greater control.

The American Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller, who is already in the spring of such a proposal, then the wording that the president would have the power to simply “turn off” the Internet. Storm of protest from Internet companies strangled proposal.ObamaPodcast-29AudioMay122008ASACREDTRUSTSenatorObamasVeteransA507

Now the Rockefeller back.

The revised proposal gives the president the right to an emergency call a kind of cyber world’s martial law. The critics have not been happier or wiser for it now more vague proposal.

– Why not give him the legal right to repeal the law of gravity or change primes series while still in motion, was one of the more ironic comments.

Rockefeller has previously made a reputation for suggesting that it might have been better if the Internet never existed. And even if he withdrew just that opinion, he has launched the term “a digital Pearl Harbor” as a symbol of a future horror scenario.

Think tank the Internet Security Alliance has already criticized the new proposal to be so vague that it gives the White House too much power.

And tech-savvy doubt, citing the Internet’s architecture, whether the proposal would actually give the president greater control or could be – with or without panic button.

obama_507901rWhen the U.S. military was involved in pushing the development of the Internet was intended precisely to scrap the centralized communication system with the vulnerable computer centers, and instead create an “anarchic” system of computer networks.

And in the Internet’s youth, when the network was primarily a concern of their American counterparts, flourished the idea of an independent stand-alone network that is not controlled by anyone and where everyone could get access to everything.


Today, when ordinary people are dependent on network access for internet providers and not least the law, the situation is different. The right to the internet is not free, especially not in dictatorships like China, which now, in part, with Swedish techniques, trying to achieve total control by the Golden Shield Project.

Experts point out that internet power held by the company controlling the technical part of the Internet, such as fiber cables and electricity grids.

Thus, China tries to build in control in fact the technical system. These technological developments are attracting among other Swedish Ericsson and Nokia are having and building China’s broadband networks – and related Internet control.

Click here to read the article in Swedish


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on September 7, 2009.

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