theloerieawardsAs I mention before this week has been the Loerie Awards and well I make a little research about the agencies involved.

The first Agency is Shy the sun 


“Sea Orchestra” is a lively and visually rich commercial that introduces United’s new international first and business class cabins. In it, a United airplane crosses the ocean and is serenaded by an orchestra of animated sea creatures that are playing a unique version of Rhapsody in Blue using tubas, violins, French horns and the Indonesian gamelan. The score was created by Shy the Sun, a South Africa-based directing team, which used hand-drawn textures, computer animation characters and photographs of water, reefs and skies.

Sea Orchestra2

 Advertiser: United Airlines

Agency: Barrie D’Rozario Murphy

Executive Creative Director: Stuart D’Rozario, Bob Barrie

Copywriter: Dan Mackaman

Art Director: James ZuccoSea Orchestra1

Agency Producer: Holly Stone, Jack Steinmann

Production Company: Passion Pictures

Director: Shy The Sun aka The Blackheart Gang through DUCK Studios

Animator: SSSR, Gaelle Denis

Producer: Belinda BlacklockSea Orchestra3

Music: Trivers & Myers

Mix: Pixel Farm

Mixer: Ken Chastain

 Click here to watch the ad Sea Orchestra

The second agency is Snap35Black Ginger

Bakers Precious Biscuits3Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Bridget Johnson
Art Directors: Monique Kaplan, Amy Auret
Agency Producer: Lisa Jaffee

BakersPrecious Biscuits1Animation
Directors and Designers: Jannes Hendrikz & Ree Treweek (Shy the Sun)
Production Companies: Shy the Sun & Blackginger
Executive Producer: Tracy-Lee Portnoi
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer

BakersPrecious Biscuits2Animation Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyr
Matte Painter: Rob Muir
Character Design: Ree Treweek
Compositing: Jannes Hendrikz


Click here to watch the ad Precious Biscuits

The third agencyis “Riverstone Films”



Neotel: No Restrictions

No Restrictions 2


Product: Neotel telecommunications
Executive Creative Director: Damon Stapleton

No Restrictions 3

Art Director: BIBI LOTTER
Copywriter: Charles Pantland
Agency Producer: Kerry MacDonald

No Restrictions 4


Director: Jeremy Holden

No Restrictions 6

Country: South Africa
Other Credits: Post Production / Animation – Framestore, London
Music production – Opus music and radio creation, South Africa

Click here to watch the ad No Restrictions


Earth’s best business idea

This is how they start on their web: “may we suggest a new way to put an end to poverty and hunger? What is new is that you stop donating money to charity. Instead, you invest in people’s thrift and ideas and gives them the chance to see their own potential. Then they can with their own forces transform their communities – once and for all.” A very splendid idea.

ugandaThey continue… “The results make the Economist any time SHAKY. Take some of the African countries as examples. In which we invest SEK 300¹ per person for five years. During the same period, we see an upward growth curve in terms of business, education, banking, health care, the huge increase in water resources, multi-annual food supply, improvement of living standards and genuine belief in the future. While raging curves for child mortality, poverty, disease and life-long hunger. And that’s just the beginning.

¹300.00 SEK = 42.6599 USD According to

Their model is simple: He who owns the problem also owns the best road to change. Therefore, we do not so much. Instead teeth we enthusiasts and allows them to become entrepreneurs. We inspire people to believe in themselves, believing in each other, to find good leadership and to use much common sense. The return does not long in coming. You might call the usual entrepreneurship.

They call it Earth’s best business idea.


Anyway… I was looking at my Facebook account and I have received this invitation:

Welcome to the Hunger Project after work tomorrow, at 17-20, where we launch jordensbästaaffärsidé.se
Stockholm: Brasserie Elverket, Linnégatan 69
Malmö: HIPP, Kalendergatan 2

Come and mingle with others involved, interested and curious. Bring everyone you know.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Well… this is how you do a perfect reserch. Looking forward!

For more informatin visit their website in Swedish


Ads campaigns & useful websites

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a few links to existing campaigns & websites that I like with a short description of why … Here are some of them;

ted1Ted. – This is one of my favorite link/website as ‘Ted’ brings together three of the main topic’s that I find interesting “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. I’m inspired by their main goal which is spreading their ideas thru the world. I visit this site regularly to watch new discussions & talks.

imagesThe Great Wall; Corona commercial;

“The Mexican spirit doesn’t know frontiers, corona the Mexican beer most sold in the World.” “Everything in moderation.”

That’s the translation from Spanish, I like it a lot because their targeting campaign and message is not to be the best but to be the beer most sell in the world in contrast to the Heineken campaign, “probably the best beer in the World”. Both companies have managed to compete, using campaign slogans that make equally impressive & global/international claims. A great ad campaign.

elekto avdelingenElektroavdelingen. I like the overall look of this site; its simplicity, style of the icons & the kitsch color scheme. I especially like the film, where its possible to view the whole process of ‘building’ the site and follow a group of people as they cooperate & bring together their various crafts & skills to actually build the site in reality with real materials rather than by computer animation. This also appeals to me as I’m very creative & hands on myself.

logopondLogopond. – I really enjoy this site as its only focus is logos. I’ve been designing my own logo & I came across this site whilst researching logo design. I’ve found it interesting to learn about the various ways to transcribe & portray the name of a product/business into a logotype. As they say Identity and Inspiration to each client.

TBWA 009TBWA. – The under-construction site for a couple of months ago in Denmark. To be honest at first I didn’t really get your message, it confused me and I didn’t have patience until now. I was staring at the window and suddenly it hit me. You take us to your World in a very creative and mysterious way. Ctrl – and everything becomes clear. I really like sites that are interactive and where you have to search to find their message or meaning.

Once upon a time TBWA had a site as the picture above. I was trying to explain their message / meaning as I explained above but I couldn´t find that website no more. Instead I found the real and new website.

TBWA 004Luckily I had recorded their site in my own creative way because I was aware that it will be there for a short period. I was right since they have change the link. So I started to play along and recording it, by using a re-mix that I made as a background; Destinación Desconocida (destination unknown). 

I created a total different environment more suitable for my thinking and  after 5 minutes it hit me. 

I just discovered how to get into their site and their message. They don’t give it to you straight away, you have to figure it out yourself and search for it.

Dynamite Surfing

quicksilverlogoWeather is real or not this ad has create a huge marketing impact among people, specially surfers, the main potential targeting group. A friend of mine who is a surfer showed it to me a couple of months ago.  Last month on a visit to TBWA  in Denmark, Mr. Paul showed us the same video, a clear example that messages on the net are passed across different countries.

Over a million have watched it and thousand have even comment on this viral campaign.  Original thinking is showed at the end of the video and is indeed a very original way of creating advertisement.

I’m glad that I was asked to do this task as I regularly post links & discuss campaigns that appeal to me on my blog; you can read more about what interests me & see some of my projects in progress on or my remixes at


The 31st Annual Loerie Awards

The Loerie Awards Festival Weekend is the most anticipated event on the industry calendar and with good reason.

the loerie awards

This year the Festival Weekend will run from Thursday 24 September to Sunday 27 September.

The Battle of the Bands and the legendary Chairmans Party will be on Thursday evening as well as a welcome shindig thrown by the mayor of Cape Town, for Very Important Ego (VIE) guests.


If you’ve never been to the Loeries take a look att this year’s event on YouTube

To read more about the Festival click here

Trillion dollar bills to save paper

How an advertising agency fought for press freedom and broke industry records along the way.

As dictators around the world muzzle the media and newspapers confront an uncertain future, the freedom of the press has become one of the hottest topics of 2009. Advertising agency TBWA joined the debate with a disruptive campaign that scooped no less than nine top prizes at the industry’s annual festival in Cannes: a record. It centers on a crusading newspaper, a dictatorship and messages printed on trillion dollar banknotes.Trillion dollar bills to save paper

“The story reads like something out of a movie, but it’s painfully real,” says John Hunt, Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA. “The setting is Zimbabwe, where one of the only sources of reliable information is a newspaper called The Zimbabwean, whose journalists are forced to live and work in exile. On top of that, the Mugabe government has slapped a 70 percent import duty on the paper, so very few Zimbabweans can afford to buy it. Needless to say, it has almost no advertising budget.”

TBWA’s South African agency, TBWA\Hunt Lascaris, wanted to publicize the plight of the newspaper while simultaneously criticizing Robert Mugabe’s dysfunctional regime. “Thanks to runaway inflation, Zimbabwean currency literally isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. So we decided that it would be cheaper to print ads on Zimbabwean bills than on regular paper.”

The insight was a perfect fit with TBWA’s “disruption” theory, conceived by its chairman Jean-Marie Dru. Disruption is about overturning conventions to come up with original ideas. In this case, TBWA ignored conventional news channels and turned money into a medium – the symbol of a failed state. After record-breaking inflation Zimbabwe had recently issued the 100 trillion dollar note, whose 14 zeros did not even add up to the price of a loaf of bread.

 The Zimbabwean Trillion Dollar campaignTBWA\Hunt\Lascaris has won a record number of Cannes Lions for its Trillion Dollar campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper at the prestigious annual Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. This is the single most awarded campaign coming out of South Africa in Cannes 56 year history.

To wach the The Zimbabwean Trillion Dollar campaign click here

If you want to read the total article click here

U.S. proposals to control network

A new U.S. bill proposes to give the president power over the Internet. The proposal shows that it is an illusion to believe that the Internet would be everyone’s property. On the contrary, the trend is toward greater control.

The American Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller, who is already in the spring of such a proposal, then the wording that the president would have the power to simply “turn off” the Internet. Storm of protest from Internet companies strangled proposal.ObamaPodcast-29AudioMay122008ASACREDTRUSTSenatorObamasVeteransA507

Now the Rockefeller back.

The revised proposal gives the president the right to an emergency call a kind of cyber world’s martial law. The critics have not been happier or wiser for it now more vague proposal.

– Why not give him the legal right to repeal the law of gravity or change primes series while still in motion, was one of the more ironic comments.

Rockefeller has previously made a reputation for suggesting that it might have been better if the Internet never existed. And even if he withdrew just that opinion, he has launched the term “a digital Pearl Harbor” as a symbol of a future horror scenario.

Think tank the Internet Security Alliance has already criticized the new proposal to be so vague that it gives the White House too much power.

And tech-savvy doubt, citing the Internet’s architecture, whether the proposal would actually give the president greater control or could be – with or without panic button.

obama_507901rWhen the U.S. military was involved in pushing the development of the Internet was intended precisely to scrap the centralized communication system with the vulnerable computer centers, and instead create an “anarchic” system of computer networks.

And in the Internet’s youth, when the network was primarily a concern of their American counterparts, flourished the idea of an independent stand-alone network that is not controlled by anyone and where everyone could get access to everything.


Today, when ordinary people are dependent on network access for internet providers and not least the law, the situation is different. The right to the internet is not free, especially not in dictatorships like China, which now, in part, with Swedish techniques, trying to achieve total control by the Golden Shield Project.

Experts point out that internet power held by the company controlling the technical part of the Internet, such as fiber cables and electricity grids.

Thus, China tries to build in control in fact the technical system. These technological developments are attracting among other Swedish Ericsson and Nokia are having and building China’s broadband networks – and related Internet control.

Click here to read the article in Swedish