IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD I was looking at some advertisements when I came across this one from Absolut Vodka. I really love it and not only because I am a Mexican / Swedish but also because in a way it helps to understand a bit more our history. Under the slogan “in an Absolute world,” they show us how the map of North America would be if we had not removed the half of our territory in the so call Mexican – American War or The War of 47.

However the advertising campaign by Absolut Vodka has caused controversy, the Americans who were protested, saying that the advertisement promoted hatred and incited to overcome past resentments.

I do not agree with this since this is a perfect marketing strategic, it generates a topic, awakes different opinions and generates controversy. Marketing Advertisement companies use that type of approach to understand the reactions of customers and suddenly a wom (word of mouth) is spread not only on the society but also on the internet.

These two ads could be seen as a reflection about the complex and hypersensitive relationship with these two countries. A giant-relation in human, economic, social and cultural rights, but in a perpetual tension, full of grievances, mistrust and mutual recriminations.

The billboard and press campaign, created by advertising agency Teran\TBWA has run in Mexico, is a colorful map depicting what the Americas might look like in an “Absolut” — i.e., perfect — world.

Although the campaign caused no ripples south of the border, many in el Norte have found it offensive, and well here is where my point comes…

I have been travelling and living abroad from 10 years and its quiet shocking meet Americans that does not have any clue about their history … I met this guy who plays football (or soccer in American) here in Malmö, Sweden and well it was very funny to hear him talking that he didn’t have any clue why Mexicans take it so serious when we play football.. I just look at him and I say to myself…
     – I have to show him something on the net. It took me less than 5 minutes to teach him the reason of why Mexicans / we are so passionate on the field.
Of course that he appreciated the fact that I took my time to teach him and in a way he kind of felt embarrassment but I told him that at least he knows the reason now so next time he can tell to his friends…

That’s my view and that’s how I interpret this ad, as an educational from both countries but as everything in marketing campaigns some things works in some countries and some doesn´t.

You can follow the story as it has unfolds at this site… Click


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on April 26, 2009.

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