On my way to Copenhagen! TIPS

I love the Danish, not only because of their kindness but also because they really try to help you out.

And I really mean it, just look around at their creativity.design wall

I learn today a couple of things while I was on my visit to Copenhagen; if you get lost ask!

They are more than able to help you if you speak English and even if they don´t know they will tell you straight away or in other cases if you ask someone from an office thats another history. They will take you inside and use their laptops and look on the Internet for the address. I love that for sure, and guess what… In most of the places they used this site; Krak.dk

Now I totally understand why they are so good in Design. It is just art overall, although Sweden has also his secret side, but that´s another history or “herstory”.

Anyway this is just an example of a really cool shop.

After been lost I was told to go inside a tunnel, and then I went through the inside of the Castle´s Park.
I was once again lost at Gothersgade. Then I asked inside this shop and well I had to come back afterwards and thank them.

This is my way to show them my gratitude; an ecological marketing campaign based on Artificial Fur.
Finally someone start to care about the animals.
Enjoy it ladies.


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 21, 2009.

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