Friday 13


I am not at all superstitious but this day I woke up sweating, I had a nightmare.

I was biking on the street and suddenly someone has been giving me a dog to take care. So I was biking and the dog was following me. After about like 5 minutes the dog disappeared and I realized that it is behind me.

Guess what he was doing…

A huge meet was in the middle of the street and the dog was eating it. Meantime cars where passing by and I felt like i have the responsibility to look after it even i didn’t really care that much. I wanted to reach my target (Don´t remember what) but it felt that I was being stopped. So I went back and kick the dog to move (I hope you don’t judge me but as I said before I was in a hurry and besides it wasn´t mine) As if it’s a reason… (Ironic)

– Orale pinche perro, muevase!

For a bit of a change I even remember talking to the dog in Spanish and believe me I hardly ever speak Spanish.

– “Come on fucking dog, move yourself!”

The dog started to move and so do I. We were keeping each other company for a few minutes when once again the dog starts to run away really fast. Oh men, what´s wrong with this dog.

I don´t remember all the details of how come all at once I was next to him in a quiet neighborhood. And guess what…
My nightmare started again. I remember my face flashing and I turned my head towards the cause of my momentaneous blindness…

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Sin Identidad

Chapter 2


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 14, 2009.

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