Watch where everybody is going, and then go the other way



I got these pictures the other day from my Aussie friend Yazmin, and well it reminds me in a way that everything is possible.

I truly believe that.I am very aware that there are many pessimist people but that doesn’t mean that I have to listen, and give up. I often hear people saying that I cannot do this or that but anyway I am always willing to try something new and learn. So NEVER listen to negative people. If you really want something and it might be difficult or impossible to achieve then think twice… We (Human Beings) have the ability, imagination and brain to create and destroy.

After all we have manage to fly and reached the moon. So just keep on trying and do it.

I love these pictures because in a way it reminds me of myself.


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 8, 2009.

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