To All of YOU

I wish I could write personal mails to All of  YOU, but… you are so many.

Right here… Right now @ 20:47 P.M. I decided to use full capacity of my creativity.

As Madonna says:

What are you waiting for?

Nobody is gonna show you how

Why wait for someone else?

To do what you can do right now.

And that´s about what I am going to do now. Some of you (the ones that speak Swedish) did notice that I have on my messenger: Anton… deppigt… som fan. (Which mean in other words that I feel down… like hell. The reason; My cousin was shoot in Mexico city two weeks ago, and last Saturday (18-october-2008) I saw a guy died for the first time, and well it kind of makes you think a lot of things; like since I have movef to Sweden (6 years ago) I haven´t seen my mother at all. I don´t want to sound like I am preaching or that I want you to fel sorry or sad for me, not at all. These are facts.

Anyway the purpose of writing to All of You is to let you know 1 thing; You are very important in my life, very special and it is not just only words. It´s my thoughts, my feelings, and my emotions that All of YOU have brought into my life. All of you have contribute in creating those pictures, memories in the deeper inside of my brain, you have been part of those great moments, sad ones, excited ones, passionate, adventurous , unforgettable experiences which keeps on flashing back and forwards through my brain every time that I think of YOU.

You have seen me grown up, make mistakes, fall down, and some of YOU have even stood up by my side and help me stand up and continue and not give up.

You introduce me to new Worlds, new ideas, new music, new eperiences, new visions, new languagues and new cultures.

Some of you have even open up their doors of theis houses to me in more than one occasions.

You technically spend some of your time with me and I truly appreciate it with the very bottom of my heart.

Many of you have even thought me (and still) literary speaking how to speak and pronounce certain words. I certanly believe that is pretty much a Mission impossible since after all I was born that way.

If I would have to describe today Antonio… I would say that HE is many thoughts, many dreams,  many emotions and too many ideas in one brain, but at the same time HE is simlpy many.



~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 6, 2009.

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