I couldn’t help out checking my website @ myspace and notice that Lund University was advertising on my page. To be honest that´s pretty much an honor since I have study there for nearly a year plus it is one of the most prestigious universities in Sweden. So in a way a lot of memories are brought back. Like when I move to Malmö för the first time and also the whole process of learning Swedish.

In a way this is the main purpose of why I LOVE to REMIX MUSIC, because that way I can decide what to choose (the best beats of course) to play but also at the same time I can affect others feelings and make them remember certain moments. 

Most of the time that I listen to my remixes the best moments in my life are brought back, and that´s the main reason of creating my own space. I hope YOU will enjoy my remixes as much as I do.

By the way… A good Mexican tip; Have oppen while you are getting to know my blogg. Who says that YOU can´t do two things at the same time.


~ by Antonio Acevedo Garrido on March 4, 2009.

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