On my way to Copenhagen! Part 3; The Creative Present


Last Friday I went to Copenhagen to leave this present.


This is the real Mexican, the creation that my dear mother has created. Finally after all this years of search I finally start to understand that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, right.

The real meanings behind this sentence and well as I mention before it seems as if I have discovered my real passion.

To create, and improve whatever that I decided to do. But let’s see what does our neighbors at the other side of the bridge thinks.

I am really looking forward from some news, however even if i don’t succeed this time I will persist until I succeed.


2 Many DJ´S


Yes… finally it´s time to see one of my favorites DJ´S. And if you dont have any clue of who are them, just click here to listen to some of their re-mixes. So If you dont have anything to do on Thursday 26 of Mars, then go to Mejeriet in Lund. BELEIVE ME, YOU WON´T REGREAT

By the way you can buy your tickets at this site.

On my way to Copenhagen! TIPS

I love the Danish, not only because of their kindness but also because they really try to help you out.

And I really mean it, just look around at their creativity.design wall

I learn today a couple of things while I was on my visit to Copenhagen; if you get lost ask!

They are more than able to help you if you speak English and even if they don´t know they will tell you straight away or in other cases if you ask someone from an office thats another history. They will take you inside and use their laptops and look on the Internet for the address. I love that for sure, and guess what… In most of the places they used this site; Krak.dk

Now I totally understand why they are so good in Design. It is just art overall, although Sweden has also his secret side, but that´s another history or “herstory”.

Anyway this is just an example of a really cool shop.

After been lost I was told to go inside a tunnel, and then I went through the inside of the Castle´s Park.
I was once again lost at Gothersgade. Then I asked inside this shop and well I had to come back afterwards and thank them.

This is my way to show them my gratitude; an ecological marketing campaign based on Artificial Fur.
Finally someone start to care about the animals.
Enjoy it ladies.

On my way to Copenhagen! Part 1; ENTRÉ

entré 19 mars

Mmm I am not sure about this entré… A typical Swedish big brother “star”; Carolina Gynning on the cover of their site. It smells pretty much for me like obvious marketing so I guess I prefer not to dig on it and have my own version…A la inverse

This is how I started my day; with the visit of the new shopping centre in Värnhem, Malmö. To be honest I was not quiet amaze. As a Mexican I am used to go almost every weekend (Saturday) with my father and step mother at all sorts of malls, but at least 4 times bigger than entré. The one that I remember the most is at Centro Santa Fe. The funny thing is that I know and totally understand that for some Swedish this is a big fascination. Sweden doesn´t really have that much malls and well they have a lot of brands that wants to be, and keep on the spot even the World seems to have a devaluation. That´s the spirit!

Anyway I was trying to be happy for them as well because now there is more things to do “I guess”. I usually keep on hearing from the skåne youth that there is nothing to do in this town. Well now you have something else to do and hang out.

The true is that Malmö is growing and you know what… so myself.