me-looking-at-universe-iiiA new United States president. A global financial crisis. Some are predicting the worst of times. But according to TED it´s time to regroup, re-evaluate and then to DREAM.


“Because the world of ideas has never mattered more. Behind the headlines, innovation and invention are alive and flourishing. And it’s here that the key to a better future will be found. At TED2010 we will be hotfoot in pursuit of that future. We’re assembling an incredible lineup of speakers whose ideas and ingenuity will thrill, enlighten and inspire. It’s What the World Needs Now…..”

And I truly believe it…


Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps – Photoshop Tutorial

This is my first real work in Photoshop. Thanks to R.I.D. I. M.

I went to this website.  And well above you can see my final work.

By the way. Look at the work of this Italian; Alverto Seveto 

Cool graphics designs



Thats right this is a Swedish-based propietary music streaming program. You can find pretty much all types of music which allows you to listen to specific music without delay… you can read more here to find out more about this Spotify

By the way I reckon that you already assume that is for free but you need to get an invitation from someone on able to hear great artist like the new album from Röyksopp (Happy up here) and U2 (Get on your boots). Are you ready for it.

Thanks  AMIR!!!

Too much to do, too much to think and how should I start…


And thats right

Necessity of many things,  many thoughts

Too much to do, too much to think

Over there over here, over here over there

Never ending…


Is it time for TOO MANY DJ`S?

By the way if you don´t have any clue of who are they, have a look here

This Guys ARE AMAZING, I have  been in their city; Ghent, Belgium and well Me and Jonas (JONIT) have seen them alive two years ago, 25th August 2007 at The METRO weekender in clapham common SW4 London. PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST DJ´s so far.  They are going to play in Stockholm in February so do not miss them.